As a result of administrative measures which will redraw the boundaries in the Dutch province of Drenthe the town Borger-Odoorn wants to create some new public facilities. On a secluded piece of land a fire station, a public works department and also a waste and recycling centre will be built. From this new municipal industrial site one can still look for miles over a flat peat district area.

In most cases garbage sites are accompanied by flocks of seagulls and sometimes crows. Where many of these birds were seen, most likely a garbage area was close by. I suggested a work of art at this sanitation area that marks the site the same way the many birds would do. But this time no live birds as an identifying mark but inflatable advertising. Treatment of waste has become a flourishing branch of industry. Garbage means business. A waste and recycling centre has for that reason its office in an industrial estate. It seemed to me a good idea to design a fitting logo for this new phenomenon of a waste and recycling centre.

On the roof of the building for chemical waste I want to place two inflatable birds, because this building is the most central one on the site. The birds are looking in the direction of the containers as if they are their feeding bowls. It seems that they have just landed or are ready to fly off to an adjoining farm land.