The Stadstimmerhuis is the appropriate name for the building from which the reconstruction of Rotterdam after the war was organized. It was built immediately after the war but not entirely. Not untill the seventies, the building was completed. Because of the coming new city hall of OMA, this seventies rebuilding is now demolished. This has created a space in the center with high walls and a monumental facade with the allure of a square.

It is this spatial quality I want to strengthen with my design for a temporary artwork. The building that stood for the reconstruction of Rotterdam is now battered itself. The proposal is to hang big perspective images of different virtual spaces on the facade. The contrast between yellow and black enhances the spatial effect: yellow as most reflective color, coming forward, opposite to the depth of black.

The optical effect of the images and the rhythm of the series will give an own spatial sentation the new square. The soft expression of the virtual spaces carries a contrast with the battered facade of Stadstimmerhuis.